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Welcome to DuhNetNuke2...  Welcome to DuhNetNuke2... 

DotNetNuke is an incredible technology that captured my imagination way back when it was still IBuySpy.  I envisioned the tremdous application potential for DNN portals.....and it looked so SIMPLE.  Why, I said to myself,  “EVEN I CAN DO THAT!!!”   I was right, but nothing is ever as simple as it looks.  Tasks that now take 10 minutes may have originally taken me 10 hours....or 10 days...to figure out.   Everything is simple if you know how to do it.  Nothing is simple if you don't know how to do it. 

Why do I do this site?   Well, even Einstein had a first grade teacher.   And, she probably feels some satisfaction in his acheivements.  

This site is a work in progress..... the next generation of  the original DuhNetNuke.net  (DNN TNG , for any Trekkies out there)  using the updated technology of DotNetNuke version 2.   If you don't see what you need here now, it may appear in the future.     Thei site is intentionally 'bare bones' so that when I figure out 'skins' I can make it look cool.

Here's my disclaimer.  I am STILL a newbie after all these years.  These 'tutorials' are simply an attempt to document MY climb up the DNN learning curve in hopes of making your journey a tad bit easier (and so that when I forget what I  just figured out just yesterday, I can go read my own tutorial and 'remember'.). 

If you register, there's a 'troubleshooting' tab that's accessible.  I don't give (or sell) your email addresses to anyone.  I'm just curious about who visits.
If you find errors or have suggestions you'd like to share, please let me know.  There are some feedback forms on other content pages. 

Jill Johnson
July 3, 2004

Duh #1  Duh #1 

Tip for the Day:

Be sure to change the default admin and host login passwords when you set up a new portal, or the entire world of DotNetNuke will have access to your portals!!!!!

You can do this by logging in as admin/admin, clicking on 'admin' in the upper right corner, and AT LEAST changing the admin password.  You can also change the login name.

Then login as host/host and do the same thing. 
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  New Site! 

Moving up to DNN3?
Check out this site!

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